Hillary’s Ace in the Hole, Women

As we have said through this whole election process, it is a lot closer than the polls have shown.  The big reason is Change is the key ingredient, and Hillary only has one Change ingredient.  That ingredient, the change to a Woman President from 200 + years of Man Presidents, will be enough in my opinion.

“Men Have the Answer”

I grew up in a culture where men had the answer, especially in the big issues, religion, making money, etc, with those over 60 years old being revered for exceptional answers.  The long term results are less than exceptional.  I think that this election is really about white men feeling the pressure from women of all races, their control is declining, starting in their own homes.  This is a big deal. 

Hillary is no Saint

For me Hillary’s issues are really part of a “protective circle” to keep her alive in her struggle to move up in a male dominated world.  She is no Saint, politics is a dirty field, it is about Power more than Policy.   Look at our past Presidents, the one who was in a sense a Saint, Jimmy Carter, a really good person who has done a lot of good for the world, but one who is not held in high regard in the 200+ years of Presidential ratings.

Economic Inequality, the biggest Hurdle for Hillary

For me this is the big issue in the economic picture at present.  The two Presidents who have had the most negative effect on the Inequality issue are Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.  Hillary to succeed has to lock Bill out of economic discussion, can she do it, if she does she will be a Change President.



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