Paradigm 73.00 Trading System

With the stock markets entering a key macro test area, a situation which may involve 30 to 90 days of trading, we are watching closely our short-term trading systems to stay on top of the movement out of this area.

As such we are weighing the value of providing subscribers the opportunity to watch over our shoulder at the trading signals generated by our Paradigm 73.00 trading system. This system is made up of three trading programs, each unique but designed within a comprehensive frame work.  We use it on the S&P 500 E-mini contract which has a current margin requirement of $ 12,000 per contract. It is imbedded in a TradeStation Platform that monitors the market on a 24 hour basis.

One choice would be to show the current signal here for each program at the start of each day at 8:30 AM CDT.  These are short term programs that trade every 1 to 3 trading days. With signals generated at any time during the 24 hour day, the usage of the system based on one-time per day readings is of limited value.

If we go to a subscription platform subscribers could receive signals on a realtime basis either through text messages on their phones or by email to their computer or phone.

If you would have interest in  looking over our shoulder at the signals on a realtime basis, email us at


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