Trump & Sanders , What are the Pollsters missing ?

Here is my simple answer.  Having worked in some grassroots efforts back in 2004, I was amazed at the lists that the party had showing likely voters.

Here is my guess on what is being missed in the 2016 race.

Many of the people voting for Trump and Sanders have never voted consistently enough or at all to be on the rolls of either party. Either they have been disillusioned for the past 36 years or they are under 30 and never have voted before. In either case, Trump and Sander’s rhetoric has opened their eyes to the fact that they can make a difference and that the inequality facing America is a result of the 90 % not voting in prior elections.

If you have read my previous posts on this election you know…

That I think Bernie is a more solid choice than the Donald.  As the Donald showed yesterday, his platform is based on what he thinks will make him a winner, rather than what he believes.

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