What Will 2015 Bring ??

This is the time of the year when market analysts like to forecast the coming year.  In our case the post dated December 11th 2014, “Right or Wrong” does a good job of outlining the viewpoint of Eureka-Perspectives.

If one were to come up with a one line summation of our view it would be: “How can a economic environment (2002 – 2007) created through cheap money be resolved by even more cheap money (2011-2014)?  The 2008 – 2010 period was the normal Macro crash-bounce interim.

In coming days we will be looking at 2015 forecasts by others and where we have agreement.

This weeks technical points are :

1) Close under 75.14 on oil ETF XLE would be an indication that the oil market bottom pickers have second thoughts.

2) A close under 2010.83 on the cash S&P, the swing point of the Yellen rally following the October 15, 2014 bounce base, will be something of importance.

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