Buying T-Bonds and the Dollar Today

The ideal spot on the December T-Bonds is between 140-14 and 141-00. For the December Dollar index, the 85.10 to 85.40 area would be good.

The GDP number later this week will give a better picture of the economy.  We would be looking for a low 2.0 % number rather than the 3.0 % number being forecast.  Trickle down starting with the FED has not worked for the average American.  All that has happened is that the entities that have access to the funny money, the private equity groups and the big corporations, are squirreling away assets for the top 5 percent, while the average consumer pays the price.

Today we are seeing the start of a knee jerk bounce in oil to maybe the 85.00 area, before the deflationary forces take it below 70.00.

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