A Certain View in the Face of High Uncertainty

To me it is amzing to see stock market investors be totally certain of higher markets, the percentage of bears is currently at extremely low levels according to reports, and yet I don’t think I have seen more uncertainty in years.

I have just purchased a book that was published a couple of years ago but which I only recently became aware of through a google search,  “Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future– March 20, 2012 by Leonard A. Schlesinger.  Reading a few reviews seem to indicate that this book could be an interesting read, maybe even shed some light on what the market is showing these days.

The charts continue to show the stairstep boxes that we outlined in our August 8th post.  These boxes go back to the 1430 level of the S&P, some 29 percent under current levels. Now we have the little 1990 to 2011 box to top it all off.  No doubt the biggest potential scam of the century, Alibaba, is helping hold up prices for Wall Street, lots of fees sitting there in this IPO.

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