Market Top Formation is ready to be Completed

As of today we are 50 days into the top formation that started on March 7, kind of an unprecedented amount of time for a top.  A trade under 1827 on the S&P would be that kind of signal, whenever it occurs, this week, next week, or next month.

No doubt, the common view is that the combination of Janet, Mario, and Abe can keep danger at bay.  So far they have been right, but at some point the fact that the structural problems of the 2007-2008 crash have yet to be dealt with, will overwhem the situation.  Until a combination of Fiscal and Fed iniatives are put together along with Global coordination, to move beyond funny money tricks,  this can only end badly.

And that is why we keep coming back to the core issues.  We don’t want to see our readers get caught in the meltdown, not crash, that is looming.

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