A Must Read……………..with Micro Strategy Update

John Mauldin and John Hussman have teamed up with a must read. 


We are covering our remaining short gold positions today, gold at 1558.

Micro Strategy Update:

The assets that we opened up by covering our short T-Bond positions (141.1 basis the June T-Bond Futures in early March)  and our short Gold positions (at a 1583 average recently) are now going to be moved into an addition to our short Stock positions (we would like to be 2.5:1 short as the add on levels are reached). Basis the last swing point on The S&P at 1540, the optimum sell point would be 1607.82.  We will put half our additional shorts on at 1590.74 and hold the remaining for 1607 or sell them on a stop at 1539 when the break starts.  At the moment we are at 1594.71 so the first additions are going on at the market.


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