Bouncing Around Inside the Trap

This is a little like catching raccoons in a Have-a-Heart Trap of which I am an expert in the process of protecting our organic garden.  At first the raccoons are very scared and aggressive, then they lay down and hide their heads, then they try another period of being aggressive, and the pattern keeps repeating.  The post here that I made on September 7th after the S&P got caught in the 1419 to 1489 trap area is a good example.  Since that post S&P’s have bounced around between 1429 and 1474 and played dead around the 1454 swing point.  Today’s range is 1433-1444 so far.

Over the next few weeks going into the election I will have a number of areas of discussion on the policies and contestants.  For me an elaboration on the fact that history says that “Trickle Down / Supply Side Economics” is not compatible with “Deficit Reduction”,  will probably be my favorite.  At the moment “Mitt” is the favorite, probably because the independents in the middle, both the more conservative and the more liberal, all hope that their Mitt, the ever changing Mitt that talks out of both sides of his mouth will prevail.  This is actually a brilliant strategy as the middle conservatives hope for their type of Mitt and the middle liberals hope for their type of Mitt.  So hey, “Hope” is back on the front page.

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