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There have been a lot of twists and turns since our 2012 Updated forecast on May 9th that I am reposting here:

         S&P 500     High   1422,  Practical High  1354,  Swing Point   1286,  Low  1150; 

            Gold           High   1795,  Practical High  1657,   Swing Point   1519,   Low  1243; 

         Crude Oil    High     112,   Practical High    104,   Swing Point       97,    Low      82. 

In the month since then the highs and lows and 21 day average are:

        S&P       High 1366, Low 1267,    Average 1316,     6/11/12 early indication  1336

        Gold      High 1642,  Low 1544,   Average 1594,    6/11/12 early indication  1593

        Oil          High 98,     Low 81,        Average  89.30   6/11/12 early indication  85.50

So what are we to make of this, basically that the S&P and Gold have been trading around in the top half of their projected range and oil has been trading around the bottom half of its range, at the moment nothing more.

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