Paul Ryan, the germ behind the Next Meltdown

The points in the article that we posted on Monday concerning what is sacred, the ideology behind that sacredness, and the result that voters do not vote their pocketbook but in fact vote their ideology are central to what will occur over the next 5 years.  The Republican party platform, the Paul Ryan budget view, and the Romney buy and trash business history have a good chance, more than 50 percent, to carry the day with the disillusioned, angry voter.  It doesn’t make any difference how we got here, how the Reagan supply side economics created deficits started the crisis, the effects of the Greenspan unbridled economic approach, and the unfunded elective wars of George Bush, none of that matters. 

To that end, I think there is strong probability that the people of this country will vote their ideology not their economic interests in the coming election, the women will actually vote against their health and go for their core ideology.  The progressives and liberals do not get it, they don’t know how to outline the facts, they just complain about the insanity taking over the country but do not offer solutions that will get a following.  They should be jointly pushing social security and tax reform but they sit on their hands and do not follow their President’s lead.  In a sense that is ok, if the Paul Ryan supply side direction takes hold, everyone will become a Progressive after the economic meltdown.  The good thing for investors and traders is that the short side of the market is always available and will be the primary defensive measure over the next three to five years.

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