What Kind of Macro Reset will the Voters Choose ?

Today’s market view is unchanged from earlier comments this week. 

So here is just a comment on the Big Picture. 

In my view there is a 30 percent chance that the March 2009 low was the low of the markets for this 72 year cycle which started in year 2000. And,  yes I do believe in the 72 year cycle which persists because that is about how long it takes for the old generation to die out and the new generation to start out clueless again. 

Going back to probabilities, the 70 percent chance left, what may be called the cold reset, is what will happen based on Austerity Based Growth which is being tried in Europe and has a chance to win over in the next election.  And what would a cold reset do to the markets, well it probably would make the long predicted number by the Ellitot Wave people true.  That prediction, if my memory is correct, is of the Dow finding a low under 200, yes 200, before the next up wave starts in 2017.

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