Romney should think about an OWL run

OWP, Occupy Washington Liberty, my idea of a successor group to Occupy Wall Street needs someone in the White House.  With the Democrats and Republicans doing an implosion I think the people of this country need to look around, decide whether they want to get something really done and get going.  Mitt in the end in my opinion will not make the grade for the Republicans.  Try as he might, he is not conservative enough and too smart to be their candidate.  And, Owls are considered to be wise and watchful to everything that is going on, that is why we eat turkeys, not owls at Thanksgiving.  So a new OWL party should look around for people with substance and get started, Romney and Feingold would be on my short list at the start.

 As to the markets, we are: 1) SHORT GOLD / LONG STOCKS  on a 2 gold to 1 stock – dollar ratio; 2) Long the dollar; and 3) continuing the short commodity position and view that we have maintained for some time.

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