Why Wait for 2013 ?

All this noise in Washington involving people who really don’t want to do anything. Let’s act now, have the Depression and get it over with.  Just 12 easy steps to get rid of the excesses since 1982, cut deficits,  and get to a solid base.

               1.  Let’s let all the tax cuts expire now.

               2. Let’s stop all stimulus programs

               3. Let’s make sure that too big to fail is totally dead

               4. Let’s fire Bernanke and QE2

               5. Let’s fire Geinther

               6. Let’s make sure that Fannie and Freddie get no more subsidies

               7. Let’s put tariffs equal to 50 percent of the labor differential on all foreign goods

               8. Let’s sell out all the remaining bailout deals

               9. Let’s let state and municipal bonds fail

              10. Let’s increase the retirment age to 69

              11. Let’s stop all ag and oil subsidy payments

              12. Let’s get out of Afghanistan (leave a few drones with the latest tactical weapons to clean up the bad guys)

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