Preview of 2011

While we will have a lot more to say the first week of January I do think that as a broad overview 2011 will be the year of the outside event.  Unlike 2010 when the Fed controlled the market, other factors will predominate next year.  No doubt China, bond investors in general, and in the last half of the year, the fringe political movements both conservative and progressive will start to affect the agenda.

John Mauldin’s comments this week are worth reading.   He and John Hussman in our links section should be important parts of your investing horizon.

You probably will wnat to get involved in the short side of the T-Bond market on any bounce now.  The 9370 level on TLT will be resistance.  You can also use the short bond ETF TBT.

In the coming year, around mid-January we will be offering a subscription service that you will be able to get on your cell phone, or on a Iphone, Blackberry, etc, or email.  It will provide instant buy and sell signals on various stock indexes and ETF’s.  We developed this mobile application using Verizon around seven years ago and it has been my way of staying in touch with the markets as I prefer to not sit in front of the computer all day.

Recap of the 18 ETF Computer Model signals at yesterdays close:


Neutral : XLE, XLF, UUP, GLD

Short     : FXI, FXY, IYR, IEF, TLT

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