Democrats are Enraged at Compromise

It is about time.  Obama got their attention.  They have had majorities in both houses and all they have done is to help the Republicans block and water down everything that has happened since Obama got in office.  Who needs them in this state, for sure all the blue-dog dems should be taken behind the barn and given some education.  There was no problem with them for the 600 billion deficit add, now if that is ok, what is the problem with the  add of another 300 billion.  The Republicans don’t care.

Obama created the deficit commission and everybody sat on their hands.  At some point in time the deficit will have to addressed, sadly it probably will not come until interest rates are 15 percent and no one has a choice.

Recap of the 18 ETF Computer Model signals at yesterdays close:

changes since 11/30/10 are:

 DBA & MOO back to long

FXE,FXI,GLD gone neutral

IEF went short



Short     : FXY,IYR,IEF

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