Cramer is Sad

Cramer is mad, that is what he said last night on his CNBC show.  He is mad at the market, he is sad at what it is doing to his investors.  He said it should be continuing higher, the economy is in good shape.  And actually he is kind of right on some parts of that statement. Corporate profits are up and unemployment is up, not difficult to figure out.

 The fact that the Republicans tried to say no to every Democratic employment initiative over the past two years has created a situation where the corporations have done quite well by downsizing.  At some point that had to change and last nights guidance by one of our six Fat Cats, Cisco, is part of that new story, top line is slowing down and bottomline will follow as higher raw ingredient pricing takes its toll.

Cramer is wonderful when some kind of bubble is growing, the current one since September 1st is a good example, although his involvement in the 1997-2000 tech bubble will be difficult to match.

And again, tomorrows market action will be key as to whether the Fed bubble is over or has more legs.

Only one change in the computer model signals on the ETFs we follow.  USO turned back long, however USO behavior has been showing a declining trading profit profile since mid-October as it flitters back and forth between neutral and long.  This is  typical choppy market behavior that occurs when opposing fundamentals jerk a market around.

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