Half the Story, Rich vs Poor

It is easy for Wall Street to go ga-ga over earnings during this 18 month recovery.  They are trading stocks for the corporations who have the marketing, legal, and HR capability to figure out how to skin the cat.  The other real world, private business, in in a totally different situation.  We all can see the closings and for rent signs every day as it is obvious that that part of our world is on the skids .  The unemployed are in even more trouble due to Republicans moralizing.  Hopefully every politician that votes against unemployment extension will be gone in November.  At some point the populace will wake up.  What we are witnessing is another stage in the widening gap between the Rich and Poor.  Tax cuts for the rich helped start all this in the 80’s and now after the bubble implosion the poor get it on the chin again.  Wake up America.

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