The Greed and Speculation Crowd is Shocked

This passing of the first step in Health Care Reform has this crowd in shock.  They have been in financial control of this country since the early 80’s when the Reagan Supply Side tax cuts set the stage for deficits and the Greenspan Bubbles.  While this Change Process has a long way to go and the fight will be vicious because the Greed crowd cannot believe that they will have to give back some of this money stash to provide health insurance for the 10 percent not covered.

Even more shocking to them is that the Democrats may be getting their act together and pass a tough Financial Reform bill next.  the Volcker rule may be enacted and too big to fail  may be history.  There is still hope for this country.

The Tea Partyer’s still have their head in the sand.  They make less than $ 250,000 a year and yet they let the big guys lead them over the cliff. 

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