Deflation is Still the Operative Word……….with Update at 9:04 AM

In spite of all the talk about inflation and rising commodity prices, the fact remains that gold, oil, and other commodities are rising primarily due to investors with short memories piling into commodity ETF’s to protect themselves.  This will end shortly, the dollar has already said it is over.

 We are still monitoring price levels for the spot to put some short commodity and long T-Bond ETF’s in the EMA Fund.

The EMA ETF Fund NAV was 1134 at yesterday’s close.

8:11 AM CDT

UPDATE:  Increased our net face value short postion to 75 percent, leverage of (0.75) by buying $ 50,000 UUP ETF (long dollar), $ 50,000 TLT ETF (long 20 yr T-Bond), $ 60,000 SMN ETF (double short base metals), and $ 30,000 DUG ETF (double short oil).

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