Terrible Numbers

Unemployment over 500,000, a big number and the Fourth Quarter GNP numbers will be really bad.    There is a lot of talk that it is too dangerous to be long or short in the market, and you will know when it is time to buy.  Good luck.  This leaves most investors on the sideline, sitting on big loses for the year, and thinking something will come down from on high and tell them when to get back in.

There is also talk that 1942 was the only time when the situation was terrible and no one got the signal as to when to buy until the market got away from them.  Why was that? The stimulus provided by WWII.  And guess what the next thing coming down the pike is today, an unprecedented stimulus from the green energy revolution plus all the old rescue packages.

We are in times of extreme volatility and you may find it interesting that the biggest one day up-move in the markets since the 1920’s was 14.8 percent on October 6th 1931, which in todays market is 1250 Dow points. 

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