Full Moon Tomorrow

There is a lot one could talk about here, but it would be difficult to sort out what is important from what is bull.  The market remains at an important juncture. 

We have an open mind.  Our Aggressive Portfolio Net Asset Value reached all time highs 2 of the last 3 days, up over 40 percent since the first of the year, with gold and commodities giving us the latest push.  We are ready to take profits or add to leverage depending on what direction the market blows out decisively here.  Usually the market gives a head fake at these junctures, like the overnight stock selloffs in the overnight markets that we have been seeing this week.

In any case we are watching closely over the next few days.  My cynical view is that I would love for Senate Republicans to shoot themselves in the foot, and start a blowout crash to 600 on the S&P, that would give Obama a solid basis for the next eight years.

8:19 AM CST

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