A Simple Agenda

Politics are center stage and spin is the primary focus again…..maybe some real “Straight Talk” would help:

A Simple Agenda……The Cornerstones to the Failure of the Bush Republican Administration….

1) The “Bush Doctrine” ie. the right of America to wage Preemptive War on sovereign nations if this nations President deems a nation to be a future threat.  This is a policy that goes against all that this country has stood for since its founding.

2) The “Bush/Greenspan” Economic Policy which was designed to build GNP through the use of excessive Debt.  This use of excessive debt and leverage was promoted for all parts of the economic picture, Federal, Financial and individual entities.  The end result is the National Debt, Foreign Debt, and individual Mortgage Debt which combined are all tearing this country apart.

P.S. Someone ought to email this information to Sarah Palin for her next interview.

6:07 AM CDT

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