A Sad Day for Free Markets

We are in some ways reluctant to mention that our Tracking Portfolio at Marketocracy made a new all time high today, up 33 percent for the year and 41 percent for the last 12 months.  This is with average leverage ratios of around 0.7 , well under the 25:1 ratios of many financial and hedge fund entities.

What is sad is that in order to get those kind of returns with relatively low risk we have to have a cynical mind set. We have to trade and invest from both the long and short side.  The fact the we don’t have free markets make this mindset necessary. We are working with manipulated markets, and the biggest manipulators are not the berated short-sellers, but the political/government interests along with monopoly interests that control our economy.

In order to change this, the grassroots of this country have to take their country back.  They have to be willing to take the consequences of making the changes needed.  They have to demand that the rescue deals for the big guys be halted.  Trickle down doesn’t really work to any extent, so the grassroots has to demand that no one is too big to fail.  Sure that position will put the markets and economy under pressure, but it will affect you much less than the big guys.  It has to start with you, there is not a politician out there who has today had the guts to say that this rescue was a bad deal for America.

12: 43 PM CDT

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