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WHY / REFLECTIONS 2008Last entry: 1.29.08

Why are we putting this website out in the public domain? Retirement at 65 is a little boring when you see the long cycles doing something you only see every some 70 years. We have building a public domain virtual track record on Marketocracy.com since June 2002.

Sometime in the future, if there is interest, we may partner with an active manager to use our models and experience. The chart below consists of a total portfolio of four funds we have managed on this virtual site. These funds are:

  1. EUREKA SELECT FUND a non-leveraged long side only fund that primarily invests in gold stocks;

  2. EUREKA VALUE FUND a non-leveraged long side only fund that primarily looks for value stocks;

  3. EUREKA HEDGE FUND -I an up to 2:1 leveraged short side only fund looking for overvalued stocks

  4. EUREKA HEDGE FUND S-I an up to 2:1 leveraged short side only fund looking for special situations, like the financial stocks over the past six months.

The total Portfolio is designed to bring together a low beta/positive alpha performance profile. See quarterly chart below. The March 2008 numbers shown are input using the figures for today, January 23, 2008.


Traders have it Easier – Some Reflections on the Building of this Website

Notes from the editor:

When I started trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1970 my boss and mentor started by showing me some charts emphasizing, how to identify trends and turning points in a short term environment. He went on to say “ don’t make it difficult, the market can only go up or down, if in doubt follow your gut, and any chart more than 5 days old just adds confusion”. That advice is comforting in this period of confusion, yet one always has to be grounded in a long-term view.

Nothing is coming out of Washington that you can hang your hat on. It is tough to talk about one week forward. In reflection, after putting together this website with all the thoughts, research, and forecasts, we believe that it is still important that one remains flexible. Everything could change tomorrow. Live in the moment.

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