Another View on The Markets 2008

Another View on The Markets 2008

One of our regular links is to John Mauldin’s weekly letters.  The one this week makes good reading.  See it at:  .

It is by a guest writer John Howe and edited by the editor of The Casey Report.  It speaks to the long-term economic cycles that are created by people.  We have mentioned before that we like to follow the 72 year cycle version. This analyst speaks of a 80 to 90 year cycle which is probably true as peoples life spans are increasing.

At any rate, while the Casey Reports always seem to have an end of the world theme, if you can get by that, the central topic of the long-term cycles is good and has some degree of truth.  At least it will make you think.  And we do agree with the fact that facts are changing and your long-term investment approach has to change with it.  We will talk about those themes in the coming month.

Yesterdays market comments are still appropriate.  The EMA ETF Fund NAV was 1178 at the close yesterdays.

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