This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Back to Zero

The two tracking funds went back to zero performance since January 11, on the same day.  EXTH went down to zero, ECT went up to zero.  This is not really surprising, the hype cards on Tax Reform and Infrastructure spending are still sitting out there spewing “Great Again”.

Record Earnings vs GDP

It may or may not be ironic, that at the same time we are seeing corporate taxes being pushed lower and earnings as a percent of GDP at a record.

Voodo Economics

The whole discredited idea of cutting taxes to explode growth has risen again.  Kansas Governor Brownback, I shouldn’t acknowledge a member of the same national fraternity as me (he should have been black balled a long time ago) has just proven again that dumb ideas don’t work.

Again, I will point out that the middle class Consumer is the Key to Growth

and no where are they mentioned in the new tax plan.

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