Complete Tracking Package

With the things coming out of President Trump’s mouth yesterday we just had to add another Marketocracy tracking fund to the three we built a couple of weeks ago on January 13th.

This Fund is a totally Contrarian Fund and has the


It has a portfolio that is long stock ETF’s for countries  that could do well if Trump’s programs implode and is short stock ETF’s for countries that could do poorly if that same event happens.

So it is long stock ETF’s for China, Mexico, Germany, Canada

and short stock ETF’s for U.S. , Russia, and England

This should be interesting to watch.

So far the other three tracking funds have been bouncing around in a plus or minus 1 1/2 point range for the this last part of the 60 day  Trump market anticipation phase.  Now we move into the meat of the first 100 days of implementation.  We will let you know when one of the Funds breaks out by 5 percent from its initiation level.

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