The Big “C’s”, Creepy Don and Crooked Hillary

As the 2016 Election slides to new lows, it is difficult to know where to place your vote. It appears that the Don’s personal implosion is pretty much going to seal his fate and we can thank him for the media effects he brought us for free.

Warren-Sanders Effect

But regardless of who wins, I see a lot of people who hate Hillary and are sure that Trump is going to win, things are going to be in play.  As I mentioned yesterday, it is ironic that if the Democrats nail down the Senate, as appears probable, that the driving directional force of legislation will be led by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the two people that the DNC has tried to squash during this whole lead-up to the election.

Iron Hand of Hillary

And if Hillary wins it will  leave her free to push her iron hand on Iran, Assad, and Putin while congress starts to get things done again.  The days of taking it on the chin Internationally , like Obama has allowed, will be behind us.


With the S&P Macro indicator turning down at the level of 2162, you can use that area to be a seller.


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