Markets, the Election is Still in Play

While the media is doing its best to show that the election is over, the fact remains that we are looking at two very flawed candidates and anything could happen before this is all over.  While Clinton has a lot of obvious advantages, the fact remains that Trump has two areas where he is a player, Change, and Domestic Terror.

As to the markets and the effect of the election on them, we have seen the Trump Slump into late June when it appeared that he was getting traction, and the second Clinton Rally into yesterday as it looked like she was a shoo-in.  Now the polls are probably going to more converge, this will turn the markets into a n0-mans land. I would expect a range on the S&P of 2100 to 2200 over the next month.

After the summer vacation period is over around Labor Day we will start tracking for you the differentials between the short term Paradigm 73.00 trading program and the long term Marketocracy based  Eureka Hedge Fund.  In order to provide a little perspective we could include a comparison chart for 2016 to date.

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