We are Happy for our Readers

It appears that many of our readers are in a good position for what is evolving.

It has been two years since the early Macro signals for a market rollover appeared.

Just looking at a couple of our Tracking Funds monitored at Marketocracy;

  1. The EHF-S Hedge Fund with a 10 year track record that is positive 128 % and uses significant leverage, is up 27  % over the past month and has an Alpha of 48.5 % and a Beta of -2.62 over the ten years. Also is positive vs the S&P 500 benchmark for the 10 years.
  2. The EGH Fund which was started a little over a 2 years ago and uses a small amount of leverage is up 16 percent over the past three months and has an Alpha of 10.3 % with a Beta of -1.31 over the past two years.

We will be talking more about these funds as the mid point of the first Quarter ends this weekend.

I think I have made my mind up on the coming Election.  Watching Sanders on Colbert last night sealed my view that an investment in education and infrastructure is key to our country’s future.

As we keep saying, Ben Bernanke’s funny money has been the root cause of the Global market turmoil.

At the moment the War of 1812 continues.  That is S&P 1812, three closes below confirms another step down in the markets.


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