Sometimes Obama forgets he is a Democrat

He has accomplished much in the past 6 years, Affordable Care Act being number 1, pulling the economy out of the hole in 2009, number 2.  On the other hand he  has let his Ivy league Wall Street friends lead him into directions that should have been avoided.  The first was the appointment of Geithner as Treasury Secretary, the second being the Trade Protection plan that carried more baggage and less transparency than any Democrat should allow.

Anyway now the Greek’s are playing havoc with markets.  Not totally unexpected and what we hear on CNBC this morning is the same thing that the cheap money QE3 pattern started in 2012, ‘buy the weakness”. It has worked for 3 years and the Fed has a meeting this week.

The Three Horsemen is down to 104.63 this morning, closed just under its all time high close on Friday.  Remember under 99 would set off some bells.

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