This Should be Good, Back to Macro Basics

The Republican sweep should be good for those who want to see a return to basics.  Wall Street will now see how it feels when it comes down to Main Street levels.  Reid and Pelosi , Boehner and McConnell were always playing the political game.  They let the FED run rampant over an economy that needs a big structural shakeup to get things back to a more basic level. Who knows whether the Republicans can really get some things done or not but for sure the paper money markets are going to have to start dealing with the facts.

Obama and the people of this country can be happy for the big thing that will make his legacy, The Affordable Care Act.

The Back Story:

There is a reason why 80 percent of the voters in  exit polls said they were angry about the economy.  This story goes back a long way, it starts with Greenspan, goes on to Bernanke, then adds a layer of Paulson and Geithner who should have been advocates of sound money but were just complicit followers of the FED attempt to over ride a fiscal log jam.  Somebody should have explained this to the public, but nobody has, so the public is not happy and voted for a change.

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