Technical Signals Yesterday/Today

Yesterday three levels of our five level technical signal envelope on stocks (S&P) turned bearish.  This is our technical system mentioned in the September 17 post. Level I is a 24 hour day trade program that changes signals on average around every 30 hours, its signal can only be followed by those who subscribe to the instant email and or text signal service mentioned in the post.

The other four technical signal levels change positions on average between 30 and 90 day durations, level V has the longest duration. Yesterday level III and IV turned short.  These were the first signals for these two levels since May 15th.

Levels II through V have a quick check feature which about half the time reverses back the signal in a one to three day window.  This feature is triggered most often for sell signals due to the underlying upward FED effect in stocks.  This feature was triggered this morning for Level III and IV.  A significant aspect of this feature for us is that it shows that we are at a market price level where SELL signals can be triggered.

Eureka Technical Signal Envelope  (9/25-26/2014)

Level I      Short  

Level II    Long

Level III   Short Yesterday/back to Long on opening today

Level IV   Short Yesterday/back to Long on opening today

Level  V    Long

Following a computerized technical trading system requires a certain level of discipline that many investors find difficult.  It is numbers calculated in a black box. 

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