Portfolio Returns

Here is an update of the returns for our Aggressive and Conservative Portfolios as well as the S&P 500 market for the period of June 2002 to date based on our performance on the Marketocracy Fund site and the positions followed on this site. 

 Period            Cons.       Aggr.      S&P

6 mo -0.060 0.213 -0.075
1 Year -0.204 -0.225 0.122
3 Years 0.206 0.558 -0.314
5 Years 0.290 0.666 -0.134
Start 2002 0.995 1.577 -0.034

In summary the Conservative Portfolio is up 99.5 percent and the Aggressive Portfolio is up 157.7 percent while the stock market is down 3.4 percent since June 2002.

As to the markets this week, it would appear that there is an effort to establish the recent lows as the summer low.  We don’t think that will happen as events over the next six weeks will put pressure on the weak investors after this week.  Those events will include Washington iniatives and earnings announcements, especially forward numbers.

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