This is a Day to be on Your Toes

There is a lot on the table today.  First, you have the Full Moon last night.  Second,  a lot of markets are testing support and resistance areas.  Gold touched an important support area at 890 yesterday, and a close below that area would be negative on gold in the short-term.  The S&P 500 is playing with the 870 area, the top of the bottom quartile for the 800 to 1080 trading range. A close above it would be positive.  And Third, the markets seem to be sensing a lot of skepticism about the administration’s ability to get us out of the quicksand. The problems are huge and a feeling is growing, that they are throwing good money after bad.

So stay on top of this day. No Change in our positions. The EMA ETF Fund NAV was unchanged yesterday.

7:54 AM CST

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