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But does it change anything?  The same trading postures that got the market in trouble over the last six years came back with a vengeance yesterday. Does it change the markets internals or fundamentals? In a word no. Rallys like this reinforce further downside selling into the first downside support of 1120 on the S&P, probably over a very short time frame.

7:27 AM CDT

Also I would like to point out that the indicator of long-term versus short-term investor activity continues to show long-term investors as selling rallies and the average S&P rally price since this divergence started on 6/26/08 is 1272. 

 Yesterday I took the time to talk to people in the trucking industry. One point that I found of interest was the fact that there is a big build in inventory of used semi-tractors as unprofitable operating numbers are forcing sale, problem is, the trucks are not selling and the sellers refuse to sell the trucks at a discount to the old book value, kind of like housing, prices hold at unsustainable levels while builders continue to build.  These problems illustrate the long-term nature of the issues we all confront.

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