Message to Barak

Change comes easiest when you don’t have to force it, waiting until people beg for it is a sure thing.  If you really want to force it, advocate some real change in economic policy.  The polls got one thing right yesterday, the people of PA believe that the economy is the biggest problem in this country.  Listen to what Paul Volker,  who announced that he backed you yesterday,  says about the need for a strong dollar policy.

On the other hand, with all the problems that have built up in this economy , problems that will push the stock market sharply lower over the next four years you might be better off waiting for the people of this country to beg you for Change later.  Bush obliterated the Republican party over the past eight years, Hillary should be able to obliterate the Democratic party in four years.  Then a new Progressive party could rise out of the political ashes.

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