Altered States

To me the most overused phrase in the past year has been “New Normal”. What a joke. There is no new normal, only what I would call “Altered States”. Interestingly as government seems to believe that it can make everything better by showering money, that it has to borrow, on every problem rather than really fixing things, it would appear to me that the people of this country have taken it upon themselves to adopt their own safety measures. Yesterday’s employment and this week’s consumer sentiment reports are a good example. With haphazard vaccination mandates, stupid Governors that the Federal government is afraid to neutralize, and general mayhem everywhere, the best thing for everyone to do is hunker down and save all the money the government is willing to send you. Why get a job that forces you to work in an unsafe environment.

So I don’t usually blog on Saturday mornings, but this is what I woke up thinking today. We are not anything close to a new normal. As Dr Fauci stated last night in response to a question posed in a MSNBC interview, “when can we reach herd immunity ?”, his answer, “when we see see deaths plummet and stay below levels seen earlier in the pandemic”. What he didn’t say so as not to enrage all the no-vaxers, is that all Americans working together have the power to make COVID deaths drop, follow stringent mandates and get vaccinated.

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