Big Picture

Hammer Time

Performance replaces Hope With the virtual certainty of the passing of the new U.S. tax changes the final phase of the economic hope phase has been completed.  Now we will be entering the economic performance phase.  That is where traders…Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of History

I heard something that really makes sense in terms of where the markets and politics are headed. First I heard that the only group that has added to their stock market holdings over the past 15 years are people over…Continue Reading →

Filling in the Gaps

The stock market trade is a no brainer, it is the tax change program, pure and simple.  Country’s that have reduced corporate taxes into the 20 to 25 % rate tend to have a higher capital gains tax to offset…Continue Reading →

A Classic Macro Top

If the 17.6 year Long Economic Cycle and the 72 year Super Cycle are on target, the month ending now, October 2017 will be a not to forget time. Our two previous posts on October 6, and October 10, 2017…Continue Reading →