The Market Players Don’t Get It, YET

The Market is headed much lower.. The market has put some time in recently pivoting around the S&P 2689 price swing level.  Now we are seeing a push through that area, and yet market players are talking about where the…Continue Reading →

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Pressure is Ratcheting Up

A combination of technical factors are falling into place on the Stock Market.  The January 26, Fracture Date, the October 25th Swing Cycle trigger with a 2125 downside price target on the S&P, and finally the Macro Cycle K-Trade signal…Continue Reading →

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New Cloudy Areas and a Macro Cycle Sell Signal Confirmed

The Big Question for the Markets after the Midterms Will a Democratic controlled House be a big spender or a deficit focused entity ? Will this younger generation demand roll backs of the free give aways of the last two…Continue Reading →

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Profound Clarification

The Country, the World, and the Markets have been patiently waiting to see where the largest global player, the USA, is headed. Now we have Clarification… The Meaning will Evolve as to how markets will react after the initial knee…Continue Reading →

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The Art of the Deal

Have your credit card secretly be billed to a bunch of people.. Have fun with 782 billion dollars.. Keep reminding all your friends how smart you are.. Get in big trouble with the bunch of people when they get the…Continue Reading →

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The Perfect Rebound Trap

Yesterday the hotshots got the news that Government tax cut Financed stock buybacks by corporations will show up over the next few weeks. The Rebounds… This pushed the market back up to the 2689 S&P swing point late yesterday and…Continue Reading →

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The Problem is not Interest Rates

Market Pause As the market players take a pause and try to establish a bottom in stocks the talk moves to why we have just seen a bit of a sell off. The Fed and interest rates are the easy…Continue Reading →

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Macro Swing Trade Now Triggered on the S&P

Yesterdays market action down through 2688 sets up a swing trade of the move from the February 9, 2018 low of 2532 and the recent high of 2939, a move of 407 points. Doubling that on the downside swing sets…Continue Reading →

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2688, S&P Line in the Sand

Over the past two days the important 2688 line is being defended by the bulls, they may or may not be successful, the important thing is that when the market closes under that level, maybe not for two weeks, the…Continue Reading →

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Patience, Key Ingredient in Macro Investing

There is a lot going on at the moment, but it may or may not be a time to actually do something. The Fracture which started on January 26, 2018 seems to be closer, see chart below. Trump has brought…Continue Reading →

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A Quick Push Back Up into the S&P Sell Area

The S&P index quickly popped above the 2776 swing point of a wide trading consolidation area of 2688 to 2844.  We are using the 2810 to 2844 top quartile of the range to establish or add to shorts.

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200 Day Signal Confirmed

Yesterday we got the confirmation for all that has happened over the past couple of weeks. Now a few days of flipping around the 2776 S&P Swing Point would seem in order.

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A Wake Up Call in the Wings

Gong Day Today could be the day that the gong sounds.  Stocks are losing to a whole bunch of things.  Versus, gold, commodities, even high yield bonds, the market stinks. See one of these charts below, S&P is blue line….Continue Reading →

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This is Not 1987

It will be much worse, this market will have to deal with the effects of the arrogance of Bernanke, Trump, McConnell, and Ryan before it finds stability.  That will be take much more than a 33% decline.  !987 was just…Continue Reading →

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The Blame Game

If you are a regular reader of our comments, you know what we believe are the main factors that were behind yesterdays market action.  Two factors stand out, 1) Bernanke’s years of QE’s that created a cloud of artificiality in…Continue Reading →

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