Five May be Enough

A lot of complex stuff has piled into the investment mix over the past year.  To date the stock market has viewed everything is good, probably because the tax cut for corporations, funded by the people,  is smoothing the way….Continue Reading →

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Fake Economic News

Fake News We are talking about Fake in terms of what is driving the strong US 2nd Qtr GDP numbers, it appears that a significant portion can be credited to front running by China on US purchases prior to the…Continue Reading →

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Theresa May could undo Trump on this One

Trump went completely outside the box yesterday, basically confirming that he and his buddies were a significant Brexit influence. By his buddies I would include Putin and Bannon, who are probably controlling Trump’s calls these days. So this is May’s…Continue Reading →

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Euphoria back in Play, and Bears being Bulls

Last Fridays employment report seems to have energized the markets again. Even some of my trading friends who are fundamentally bearish on the stock market got long on Friday, seems that it is felt this is a slam dunk for…Continue Reading →

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New Alliances Evolving, US and Russia vs China and EU

Subtle indicators are flashing signals that something much bigger than tariffs are evolving out of all the macho Trump talk. Also a side story is fermenting, the unravelling of Brexit, as more conformation of Russian influences in the vote. In…Continue Reading →

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Fracture Defense

If you look at our Fracture chart posted yesterday, you will see in the detail it has reached an intraday peak of 0.081 both yesterday and today, approaching the first breakout level of 0.100. So this is when the defenders…Continue Reading →

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Fracture Risk is Increasing

The 0.100 Fracture point is being approached, the current wave going back to mid-May, but so far has not been triggered.

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Trump Bankruptcy – Personally and Federally

Everyone around the world seems to be wringing their hands over what the Donald is doing. You can probably relax. People like him have the combination of ego and ignorance to do themselves in. The world is coming to realize…Continue Reading →

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They Let the Crazies Out Today

Yields are declining, curve is flattening, commodities are in rally mode, gold is continuing to decline, and stocks are rallying (S&P currently up at 2743).  This is called a crazy Steve Mnuchin day, he got Trump to backtrack for the…Continue Reading →

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Everything is Fine, Things are Stable

That is what a quick glance at our F2 Fracture Chart and also listening to commentators would seem to say.  Sure trade is in turmoil and Trump is getting even crazier, but the markets are not fazed. The players are…Continue Reading →

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Yields are Rising and Yield Curve is Flattening

Late Wednesday afternoon… So what is the surprise? The Fed met…. Yields are flattening… Our leader is looking like a Communist.. North Korea, Russia, and China are becoming his buddies… Women are big primary winners… Need we say more… Things…Continue Reading →

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What is going On ?

Just musing as we take a few days off. I don’t know about where you live, but around Chicago, big Malls are being abandoned left and right. And then just down the street new big Malls are being built. Another…Continue Reading →

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Everyone is Chasing Higher Yields and Asset Prices

What is there to figure out? The Fed is raising short rates and rolling off balances as they should.  We have had easy money for way to long. Gundlach and Gross think they have figured out how this works, you…Continue Reading →

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Has Trump met his Match ?

Someone crazier than him.  We expect the unexpected.  This week will be a great staging period.  Hold on to your seat. In the meantime, we will be getting out of long dollar positions this week, not waiting for the 97.00…Continue Reading →

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Tuesday may have been about more than Italy

As one looks deeper into the data it would appear that Tuesday was the apex day when the Tax Cut Economic Hope trade exploded. See the Fracture Chart here.

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