The Stock Market Top and Bounce is History

Now we are going to let the details unfold. Remember, the basis is: Trickle Down Policy doesn’t work.. Fed normalization is in play

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This is No Little Deal

We are looking at the end of a Nine Year Artificial Bull Market. There is a whole generation of young traders who have never worked with a real market. With the bounce rally completed , overnight the S&P even stretched…Continue Reading →

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Cleaning the Slate

The Stock Market is following all the technical cues, so rare that it is scary. Overnight the S&P completed its projected bounce from last weeks lows , and has reached our outside target of 2716. A Major Stock Market Decline…Continue Reading →

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Today’s Reports are a Mixed Bag…..with update

Reports Inflation was a little higher, gasoline a factor,  than expected, but retail sales are light.  That in total is not a high growth formula, i.e. is bearish on stocks.  On the other hand, the bulls at CNBC want to…Continue Reading →

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Setup Day

CPI Number Tomorrow Today is a setup day for tomorrow’s CPI number which for some reason seems to be taking on more significance than usual.  That is no doubt due to the belief by many traders, especially Hedge Funds, that…Continue Reading →

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A Tentative WayPoint

It looks to me like the main point at the start of this week, is that virtually no one thinks the recent highs are a top.  That is important.  After all the fear and volatility of the last 7 trading…Continue Reading →

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This is Not a Bear Market, Yet

The Situation For the past three years this market has been like watching, a bunch of half drunk amateurs climb Mt Everest.  Why is everyone surprised by the steepness of this initial decline.  Some of the CNBC experts are having…Continue Reading →

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UnFunny Money, Believe it or Not, Second Chance Days….with update at 10:40 CST

In thinking about todays blog last night I had difficulty in nailing down a title, so I am just using all three ideas for today, and have a separate section tying into each idea. Unfunny Money This follows the prior…Continue Reading →

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The Repercussions of the Bernanke/Trump Legacy

Between the Bernanke QE program and the Trump Tax Plan, the economy and the markets have a lot of heavy water to carry.  This will not be easy or quick to fix and eventually wiser people will take over. The…Continue Reading →

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Watch Gold

What is the market saying now? For me, the basic headlines, that it is an interest rate based decline can be accepted.  With that said, watch the level of 2712 on the S&P, unless the market closes below that level,…Continue Reading →

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GE, the Canary in the Economic Gold Mine

An Eye Opener Last night I was reading a Bloomberg article “How GE went from American Icon to Astonishing Mess” by Drake Bennett and something hit me square in the face.  I am generally focused on Macro charts and do…Continue Reading →

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A Time for Patience

I think this is a time to watch, we have our positions, the market seems to think this is about inflation and interest rates.  I disagree in a way, the Fed’s main underlying focus is how to get things under…Continue Reading →

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A Long Squeeze…The Story of the Bernanke-Goldman Sachs-Trump Market Squeeze

The Buildup As market players debate how high is high and how sweet the blow-off this year will be, maybe we should be looking at the underlying scenario. And before we get into this deeper it should be first said…Continue Reading →

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Key issue, the “Goldman Sachs” has no experience running a country

Today we see the headlines, America first’s president bragging about his business experience, didn’t mention the six bankruptcies and TV show. The real story is the marketing of “the hope of trickle down” that is being managed by his Goldman…Continue Reading →

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This is a newly highly used word in the past year.  It currently implies doing anything that maintains the elite status qu0.  I.e.  “America First” tolerating inequality, increasing debt, and trade wars in order to pull all the world’s money…Continue Reading →

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